Bringing forward-thinking and modern methods of construction to our projects

We actively promote the use of innovative, modern methods of construction (MMC) and pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking and innovative business. When used appropriately and supported by the experience and knowledge of our project teams, MMC can realise meaningful programme benefits on our projects, as well as reducing waste, improving quality significantly reducing programmes.

At Barnes Construction, we have successfully deployed MMC across a wide range of projects and sectors for many years. From hybrid SIPS solutions for new-build primary schools to full modular units for the construction hotels and fast-track educational schemes, we seek to bring innovative and efficient methods to each project. As the built environment has changed, we continue to ensure that we are at the forefront, offering our clients best value and the full range of options for their projects.

MMC Case Studies
Lakelands Primary Academy
West Suffolk Hospital Nurses Residencies

Building Information
Management (BIM)
Delivering efficient outcomes through innovative Pre-Construction and Delivery processes

Barnes Construction recognise the immense value that BIM has in terms of improving collaboration, mitigating risks, and providing greater quality in project delivery.

We achieved BIM Level 2 capability and experience well in advance of the UK Government’s target of 2016. We have completed the NFB BIM Exemplar Programme, and are currently in the process of following our BIM Implementation Programme in order to achieve Digital Built Britain’s 2025 Level 3 strategy.

Our BIM Achievements
    • Appointing dedicated BIM representatives within the business to drive the Implementation programme.
      • Completing a trial project to a BIM Level 2 standard on one of our Design & Construct Frameworks, including identification of lessons learned.
        • Producing a comprehensive BIM Execution Plan, which been updated to align with the new ISO-19650 standards.
          • Establishing a comprehensive BIM Training and CPD programme, developed in collaboration with our consultants.
            • Investing in software to aid our BIM teams, such as Navis Works, Solibri, Viewpoint, BIM Measure and Asta Powerproject.
              • Collaborating with our consultants to develop comprehensive 3D models for use in pricing, coordination processes, performance analysis and programming.