Engaging with our clients effectively, professionally and creatively

From the earliest days of Barnes Construction, we have adopted a truly collaborative approach to business. Our teams excel at building relationships with key project stakeholders, developing a deep understanding of their requirements, which is then used to inform highly successful schemes.

We continue to operate with an average of 70% of our live projects each year being with repeat business clients, underpinning our core belief in building long-term sustainable relationships with everyone we do business with.

Barnes Construction is built on the principle that a non-adversarial and fair approach delivers the best results for everyone involved. We establish long-term, positive and engaging relationships with our clients, subcontractors and wider project teams. It is testament to the success of our approach that we can trace many of our strongest relationships back to when Barnes was founded over 40 years ago.

“We not only have numerous clients where the relationship stretches back decades, but we also have an enviably low staff turnover and a team that boasts many long-standing employees. We remain ever-conscious that the best projects are delivered with the whole team working as one."
William Barnes, Chairman

Continuous Improvement
We are passionate about delivering the best results for our clients, and eager to improve our delivery. To drive continuous improvement across our organisation, we have adopted industry best practice in our processes, and capture lessons learned at key stages of all projects. These include post-occupancy customer satisfaction reviews for all clients.

KPIs are recorded for all projects. These include customer satisfaction, defects, predictability of time and cost, and safety. We analyse this data to identify trends and use the results to drive the continuous improvement of project delivery.